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Benefits of Massage

Rebalance your body’s structure by identifying and releasing tensions

Reduce headache intensity, frequency and duration

Flush out toxins by stimulating blood and lymph flow


Minimise scar tissue effects at injury sites


Break down any adhesions

Increase muscle flexibility to enhance performance and prevent injuries


Maintain muscle tone and extend your playing career

Address postural problems that may be painful or limiting.



The power of healing in massage is the energy that flows through the therapist’s hands in touch to refresh, regenerate and revitalise.

Massage is a skilled technique of manual manipulation of soft tissues of the human body resulting in therapeutic benefits to the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems. It can compensate, in part for lack of exercise and muscular contraction in persons who, through injury, illness or age are forced to remain inactive. Massage has both physiological and psychological advantages.

Almost everyone can be treated, whether for the alleviation of pain or distress symptoms or to attain the pleasant relaxed feeling of well-being that massage produces. In addition, because you feel better after a massage, you may discover renewed energy and motivation for physical activity. Massage can help maintain health and vitality  

Many people wait until they are already in pain or suffering spinal injuries before turning to massage, but why let it get that bad? It is a good idea to take regular massage as a preventative measure so that such injuries do not occur. Regular massage maintenance will increase your overall sense of wellbeing for optimum physical and mental health, helping you to achieve your goals.



At the first appointment I will need to make a record of details for administration purposes; name, address etc. and will then take a brief medical history. This is to ensure that you have no medical problems preventing you from having treatment.
 You will then be asked to describe the current problem in detail and I will carry out some examinations and movement tests.

Following the consultation you will need to remove sufficient clothing to expose the area(s) requiring treatment. I will
leave the room for your privacy while you get ready. During treatment any exposed parts of the body not being treated will be covered with towels.

After treatment I will discuss what I have found from the treatment carried out and whether further treatments would be necessary or helpful. 

If you would like to know more or have any particular questions to ask then please feel free to contact me.

Massage is used to treat a wide range of disorders, such as:

Back Pain
Circulation Problems
Exam Nerves

Foot Problems
Frozen Shoulder
Heel Pain

Joint Pain
Ligament Sprain

Muscle Cramps
Muscle stiffness
Neck pain
Neck stiffness

Repetitive strain injury

Shoulder pain
Spinal Injury
Sports injuries
Sprain (Ankle, Knee)

Tennis Elbow